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DeRosa Performing Arts Center is a new performing arts studio located in Eastchester, New York. Owned and operated by Joanna DeRosa, our studio offers classes in dance, singing and acting while also holding audition prep workshops, guest master classes, head shot day and more so that our students are ready for the spotlight.

DeRosa Performing Arts Center is perfect for dancers of all ages and ability to take recreational classes to have fun, learn technique or for physical activity. We also cater to those dancers and singers at the competitive level who want a more rigorous and serious schedule to try their luck on the competition stage! Singers and actors ages four and older can come in for an evaluation and receive one on one training as well.


DeRosa Performing Arts Center is the most convenient place of training for "triple threats" or for those parents who want their child to experience all aspects of performing arts without having to drive to multiple locations. Whether they have a specialty or wish to do it all, DeRosa Performing Arts Center will have your child happy, confident and ready to shine!

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